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Upload Demo Files to Server

Preparing demo files.

These file were included in the download.

  • SimpleQ_Publisher_Demo.fmp12
  • SimpleQ_Subscriber_Demo.fmp12


As part of your setup of the SimpleQ.fmp12 file, you should have changed the passwords for two accounts: "admin" and "server". Similarly, change and confirm that those two accounts have the same passwords in both of these files.

Those two accounts will also need access to the fmapp extended privilege. This setting is enabled if you use FileMaker>Sharing>Upload to Host feature.

Upload to FileMaker server

Upload both demo files to your FileMaker Server. Make sure you can open them.


At this point, you should have these three files on your server, and they should be open in FileMaker Pro on your computer.

  • SimpleQ.fmp12
  • SimpleQ_Publisher_Demo.fmp12
  • SimpleQ_Subscriber_Demo.fmp12

They should all have matching account names and passwords for two accounts:

  • admin
  • server

The privileges set that these accounts are assigned to should have the fmapp extended privilege.


You are now ready to move on to the next step.